Why was ChatGPT so successful?

People have always been driven by narratives, ChatGPT is the manifestation of that phenomenon distilled into a product. It’s why the product achieved product market fit so rapidly because it’s the most natural way for humans to interact and communicate.

Personal narratives and stories are the most important part of what we know. These stories help us predict what will happen next and give us a framework for understanding our experiences.

See here: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/236689768_Personal_narratives_as_the_highest_level_of_cognitive_integration

Micro Narratives vs Grand Narratives

The stories or narratives that we tell ourselves can be broken down into micro narratives and grand narratives.

Micro-narratives are small stories that we tell ourselves about our experiences. Grand narratives are larger stories that give context and meaning to our lives. Both micro and grand narratives can drive our behavior by shaping our expectations and influencing how we interpret events¹. For example, grand narratives like religion or nationalism can influence how people behave in certain situations³.

Dave Snowden on the purpose of oral traditions

Source: 21/04/2023
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