Advanced Crypto Tutorials: How to display liquidity pools from Uniswap in Trading View

How to display liquidity pool data on TradingView using the Custom Symbol feature. The Custom Symbol feature on trading view allows you to create a custom symbol that displays data from external sources, such as liquidity pool data from Uniswap. By understanding where the liquidity pools are thin you can make money by providing liquidity where it’s thinnest.

To display liquidity pool data on TradingView, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the TradingView chart you want to use and click on the “Create Custom Symbol” button in the top left corner.
  2. In the “Symbol Info” tab, enter a name for your custom symbol, such as “HEX-USDC Pool”. You can also enter a description and an icon for your symbol.
  3. In the “Data” tab, select “External Data” as the data source.
  4. In the “External Data” tab, enter the URL for the Uniswap subgraph API that provides liquidity pool data for the HEX-USDC pool. The URL should look like this:{pair(id:”0xed7d5f38c79115ca12fe6c0041abb22f0a06c300″){token0{name,symbol},token1{name,symbol},reserve0,reserve1}}

This URL retrieves data for the HEX-USDC pool, including the names and symbols of the tokens, and the reserve amounts for each token.

  1. In the “Data Mapping” tab, map the data fields from the API response to the corresponding TradingView fields. For example, you can map the “reserve0” field to the “Open” field, and the “reserve1” field to the “Close” field.
  2. Click on “Create Symbol” to create your custom symbol.

Once you have created your custom symbol, you can add it to your chart and customize its display settings as you would with any other symbol on TradingView. You can also use TradingView’s charting tools and indicators with your custom symbol to analyze liquidity pool data and develop trading strategies.

Please note that the Uniswap subgraph API may have limitations on the amount and frequency of data requests, so you should check the API documentation for any restrictions and adjust your usage accordingly. Additionally, liquidity pool data may not be available for all trading pairs on Uniswap or other decentralized exchanges, so you should verify the availability of data for your desired trading pairs before creating a custom symbol on TradingView.

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