Business Model Calculator

Information management systems are woefully underestimated. Read up on why this is in the documentation here

GovTech Business Modeller


What do you need the system to be able to do?
What do you need the system to do?
How many units will you need to implement the system?
How much will each unit cost per year?


How long will the system need to be operational before you have to replace it?


The level of investments needed to keep the system viable over it's useful life.
The capital investment required for a viable system. Capital Investment = Maintenance Cost + Development Cost
The initial capital investment required to start the system. Initial Investment = 1 year Maintenance Cost + 1 year Development Cost
The amount you need to spend annually to maintain the system. Maintenance Cost = Total Cost of Ownership x 67%
The maximum spending allowed on development to keep within annual maintenance limits. Development Cost = Total Cost of Ownership x 33%
The Rate of Return Required on the Investment for the system to be self sustaining. Rate of Return = (Maintenance Cost / Initial Investment) * 100


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