Genealogy Land Information Management System

Manage your traditional lands via our Genealogy based GIS platform

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Manage your traditional lands using GLIMS, our Genealogy Land Information Management System.

Genealogy Management

Manage members of your family tree. Fill in personal details, relationships etc and manage it from a single portal.

Land Management

Manage surveyed sections of land and link this to your genealogy.

Document Management

Upload all your original family documents onto our platform.

Manage Your Family Tree

Encourage family collaboration by adding family photos, stories, documents, and audio files to the platform. With our platform this is easier to do, and the process is now mobile device friendly.

Survey Your Family Lands

Get your land surveyed by a certified surveyor and uploaded onto our GIS Platform and then linked to your family.

Integrate with Government Land Management System

Connect to our land management system to lookup the original documentation via our GovCrate platform.

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