Land Information Management System

Our Land Registry system safeguards land and property ownership of traditional lands, personal lands and commercial property electronically by providing and easy to use, secure and streamlined information management system to manage land registry data. The system can be tailored to integrate with existing legacy systems in various countries. See a brief outline of the key feature of the system.

Land Records

Manage your traditional lands via our Genealogy based GIS platform

Survey Your Traditional Lands

Get your land surveyed by a certified surveyor and uploaded onto our Land Management Platform and then linked to your family.

Use the proximity tool to find nearby parcels based on a set of conditions

Use the query tool to run GIS Queries across the various land parcels in the land registry

Add Additional GIS Layers like building footprints to land maps

Integrates with Google Street View to give you on the ground imagery of locations that have been ground mapped by Google

Integrate with Online Registry

Connect your existing land registry data to our cloud based land registry to lookup the original documentation online.

Get in Touch our Team

If your interested in implementing a system her

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