What are Layer 2 networks in Ethereum?

Ethereum Layer 2 networks are blockchains that sit on top of the main Ethereum blockchain and allow users to move their transactions off the main Ethereum network onto a separate blockchain network of sorts.

How to spot pump and dump schemes in crypto?

Pump-and-dump in crypto is an orchestrated fraud that involves misleading investors into purchasing artificially inflated tokens — typically marketed and hyped by paying celebrities and social media influencers. You’ll typically find these popping up on your news feeds and YouTube feeds. Here are some tell tale signs on how to spot these pump and dump schemes.

What is Pair Trading in crypto?

Cryptocurrencies can act in a way where they are mutually dependent. Traders can profit from this relationship when one cryptocurrency has an extreme change in value to another related currency. This is called Pair Trading and it is a trading strategy that matches a long position in one crypto with an offsetting position in another crypto that is statistically related.

What is Easy Crypto?

Easy Crypto is a non-custodial crypto service out of New Zealand – that means that the crypto that you buy from them is not kept on their platform. Instead the crypto that you buy is sent to a wallet address that you control. None of the crypto that you buy is held by the platform. This non-custodial approach eliminates any counter party risk and ensures you have full control of your crypto.

What is the Hex Cryptocurrency?

Hex is a cryptocurrency that runs on the ethereum blockchain.​ It is designed as a store value and aims to be better store of value than bitcoin. You can think of HEX like the equivalent of a term deposit in the finance and banking world. You can stake your HEX tokens in the HEX smart contract and earn interest over time. This is similar to putting your money in term deposit for a certain period of time at a bank.

The insanity of the Tornado Cash Ban

Tornado Cash is an open-source project that enables people to shield their transaction histories from public view. The U.S. government alleges it is also a service that was used to launder more than $7 billion worth of ill-gotten gains since 2019, including by North Korean hackers. Although Tornado is now blacklisted, the government cannot actually … Read more