What is the Governance Cube?

We developed a framework called the governance cube a few years ago to help multi disciplinary teams build a common understanding of government systems. It looks at government systems as having 3 dimensions. These dimensions are:

Governance Domain: these are the places where constraints can be imposed on a system to influence the behaviour of the entities operating within it;

Governance Functions: these are the tasks that are carried out by governments to ensure the entities adhere to the rules;

Governed Entities: these are the entities whose behaviour we are trying to govern.

What is Easy Crypto?

Easy Crypto is a non-custodial crypto service out of New Zealand – that means that the crypto that you buy from them is not kept on their platform. Instead the crypto that you buy is sent to a wallet address that you control. None of the crypto that you buy is held by the platform. This non-custodial approach eliminates any counter party risk and ensures you have full control of your crypto.

What is the Hex Cryptocurrency?

Hex is a cryptocurrency that runs on the ethereum blockchain.​ It is designed as a store value and aims to be better store of value than bitcoin. You can think of HEX like the equivalent of a term deposit in the finance and banking world. You can stake your HEX tokens in the HEX smart contract and earn interest over time. This is similar to putting your money in term deposit for a certain period of time at a bank.

The insanity of the Tornado Cash Ban

Tornado Cash is an open-source project that enables people to shield their transaction histories from public view. The U.S. government alleges it is also a service that was used to launder more than $7 billion worth of ill-gotten gains since 2019, including by North Korean hackers. Although Tornado is now blacklisted, the government cannot actually … Read more

What is MEV in Crypto?

MEV stands for “Miner Extractable Value” or “Maximal Extractable Value”. It refers to the process of extracting value from Ethereum users by reordering, inserting, and censoring transactions within blocks. To date more than USD 606 Million in value has been extracted from users by bots frontrunning transactions, exploiting the slippage users allow in a trade. The term “MEV” … Read more

What is a contrepreneur?

A contrepreneur is, a con artist who makes their fortune by fooling wantprepreneurs into thinking they’re getting a great deal or coming into some easy money, when the reality is, it’s the contrepreneur making the real money. They can usually be found online on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. selling their get rich quick schemes typically via courses.