What is the Governance Cube?

We developed a framework called the governance cube a few years ago to help multi disciplinary teams build a common understanding of government systems. It looks at government systems as having 3 dimensions. These dimensions are:

Governance Domain: these are the places where constraints can be imposed on a system to influence the behaviour of the entities operating within it;

Governance Functions: these are the tasks that are carried out by governments to ensure the entities adhere to the rules;

Governed Entities: these are the entities whose behaviour we are trying to govern.

What is a viral license in Software?

A viral license is a type of licensing scheme that requires code that uses or links to the license code, having the same license. It ensures that derivative works preserve the licensing scheme of the original versions of the work. It is common in open source and copyleft licenses, especially the GPL.

What is DeFi?

DeFi reduces costs, improves transparency, is resistant to censorship, gets rid of the middlemen and the associated counter party risk. This is in direct contrast to Traditional Finance aka TradFi which is run by Banks, Wall Street and Central Banks who act as the middlemen and can manipulate financial rules to suit their own needs.

What is a blockchain oracle?

A blockchain oracle is a decentralized data services that connects smart contracts with the outside world primarily (e.g. weather data, Vessel data, stock market data etc.) to feed information in from the world, to the blockchain. Oracles also provide a way for blockchains to see into each other. This is known as interoperability, and is an important next step as well.