PolicyHub: Our e-Policy Registry System

Policies and procedures are essential to supporting effective decision-making in frontline and corporate areas. Without clear policies and procedures, government operations can become inefficient and chaotic, leading to ineffective service delivery, increased costs, and decreased public trust.

A centralised electronic policy register is critical for governments because it helps government officials, public servants, citizens and business a way to quickly access the important policies and procedures that are essential to supporting the effective functioning of a country. By having a centralised and electronic policy register that serves as the authoritative, central point of truth for operational policies and procedures ensures that public servants have fast, easy and convenient access to relevant policy documents without having to hunt through various government file systems, government websites etc. By providing a comprehensive, up-to-date view of all policies and procedures, it enables government officials to make informed decisions based on the latest information available. This helps to ensure consistency and fairness in decision-making, and promotes good governance and transparency.

In addition to ensuring compliance and accountability, a policy register also helps to foster a culture of continuous improvement. By tracking policy changes and updates over time, governments can identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to policies and procedures.

Overall, an electronic policy register is an essential tool for any government seeking to operate efficiently and effectively. It provides a centralized, authoritative source of information that supports good governance, transparency, and continuous improvement.

At GovCrate we’ve built a policy registry system called PolicyHub that provides an online centralised repository system for government policies.


Register and Manage the all government policies in a centralised database system via our policy management platform


Categorise, Tag and Manage the metadata of your policy documents to make it easier to find.


Share links to the documents via a link to the documents from the database.


Search across the entire database for only the relevant parts 


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