What is innovation accounting and how does it help manage innovation?

‘Innovation Accounting’ is a loose term for the idea that organisations need new metrics to manage innovation, the dominant competitive force driving value today. After building a few government as a service platforms the only thing I’ve seen reliably produce valuable innovation is intentional and consistent experimentation. Increasingly many teams are practicing some form of … Read more

Innovation Options: A tool for governments to help structure Investments into Innovation

Innovation is a key driver of economic growth and social progress, and governments around the world are increasingly looking for new ways to encourage innovation and investment. One emerging tool that is gaining attention is innovation options, a financial instrument that provides a financial incentive for private sector partners to invest in new technologies or … Read more

What are sense making frameworks and why are they important to e-Government strategy?

Sense making via an elephant

Different people have different perspectives. We need a way to bring all the different perspectives together. To do this we need to establish a set of common sense making frameworks to build a common understanding of what is going on.

Are blockchains a governance technology?

Public blockchains operate without the need for a central authority and allow individuals to self organize and manage themselves in a more transparent, accountable, and efficient way. Transactions are executed by individuals and these are not just recorded, but also verifiable by other individuals without the need for a centralised authority, creating a transparent, tamper-proof … Read more

Chainlink + Swift: Bringing traditional banking onto the blockchain

Global bank messaging system SWIFT has partnered with decentralized oracle network provider Chainlink to conduct experiments exploring the integration of major financial institutions with blockchains. The tests will leverage Chainlink’s technology to enable value transfer between private blockchains, between private blockchains and public blockchains like Ethereum, and between two public blockchains. By building on existing … Read more

What are the flaws inherent in the Fiat system?

Modern fiat currency systems are subject to criticism based on several flaws. In “The Bitcoin Standard,” Saifedean Ammous discusses several flaws of modern fiat currency systems and explores how Bitcoin addresses these perceived shortcomings. Here are some key points from the book: It’s important to note that “The Bitcoin Standard” presents a specific perspective on … Read more

What to watch out for in terms of Tyrannical Government control?

As the World Economic Forum continues to pursue its DEI and ESG agenda on the worlds population it is important to understand the techniques used as defined by Orwell and how crypto, as a decentralized and cryptographic technology, can potentially offer countermeasures and alternatives to some of the concepts depicted in Orwell’s dystopian future.

What is the Howey test?

The Howey Test is a legal framework used in the United States to determine whether a transaction qualifies as an investment contract and thus falls under securities regulations. It derives its name from the 1946 U.S. Supreme Court case SEC v. W.J. Howey Co.

Using Starlink + your local Telco + Raspberry Pi + Speedify to create a reliable internet connection

In the Pacific Islands the reliability of internet connectivity is an issue for some critical use cases (e.g. video conferencing, streaming etc.). Existing enterprise solutions are out of reach for most small and medium businesses. We provide an affordable solution to create a reliable and redundant internet connection service using Starlink (unmetered), Your local telco (metered), a Raspberry Pi and Speedify.