How we use Visual Thinking approaches to design Digital Government Services that are focused on user needs?

At GovCrate, we use visual thinking approaches to focus our teams on delivering services that address users needs and to facilitate greater collaboration and understanding. This is especially critical when designing digital government services because the design of these services requires team members from the different disciplines that make up the governance stack (Legal, Policy, Operations and Technology). These team members need a common language to collaborate efficiently and effectively. Because of this we developed a visual thinking methodology that has allowed us to quickly and easily get team members speaking the same language. It’s an unorthodox application of the visual thinking approach but it’s use is critical for us in building up highly effective and efficient multi-disciplinary teams that actually deliver services that focus on user needs.

What is a workshop session plan and why are they so important?

A workshop session plan is a detailed plan that outlines the goals, objectives, activities, materials, and resources needed for a specific workshop or training session. It includes a step-by-step guide for facilitators to follow during the workshop, ensuring that the session runs smoothly and participants achieve the desired outcomes. A well-crafted workshop session plan helps to keep everyone on track, engaged, and focused on the goals of the session. It can also serve as a reference for future workshops and training sessions.