Tech Giants’ Increase Dominance Government in New Zealand’s Cloud Computing Market: Raises Concerns Over Competition, Innovation and Data Privacy

As tech giants such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft continue to expand their presence in the government cloud computing market within New Zealand, concerns are being raised about the potential consequences of their increasing dominance. Only a few companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, and local firm Catalyst Cloud, authorised to provide cloud services to the government, it raises concerns about vendor lock-in, market competition and innovation. The government is taking steps to address these concerns, such as implementing new regulations and promoting the use of open standards, however the issue of tech giants’ dominance in the cloud computing market will remain a key challenge for New Zealand until the government provides an even playing field.

What is the innovation chain and why is it important in delivering digital government services?

The innovation chain is an essential component in delivering digital government services. It refers to the process of developing, implementing, and evaluating innovative solutions that address societal challenges in the public sector. Why is the innovation chain important? In today’s rapidly changing digital environment, the government must find ways to adapt to new technologies and … Read more

The Rise and Fall of Innovation Labs in the Aid Sector

Innovation labs are meant to be a place where forward-thinking ideas can be tested, discovered, and implemented, but in many cases, they’ve become too bogged down in bureaucracy and paperwork. The labs are unable to truly explore the potential of their ideas, or develop them into something meaningful and lasting.