New Zealand’s Consumer Data Right: A Boon for Cryptocurrency Investors

A major change to online banking in New Zealand is coming into force on May 26, 2023. The change requires all banks to adopt a new standard for online banking called Consumer Data Right (CDR), which gives customers greater control over their data and allows them to share it securely with trusted third-party service providers. It will also include the ability to do same day payment between banks, weekends and public holidays included.

Portalxswap: How to get gas free limit orders on Ethereum

Portalxswap is a new decentralised exchange that allows you to swap tokens across various blockchains as well as let you set gas free limit orders. Its essentially a search engine that does a search across all blockchain liquidity pools and returns back the best rates for you. You can check out the interview with the … Read more

Ethereum is releasing their own Mobile 📱 OS

Ethereum is releasing their own Mobile 📱 OS based on a fork of Lineage OS, an open source fork of Android. The operating system is called ethOS and is actually a crypto-native mobile operating system that integrates with the Ethereum blockchain³. As an open-source Ethereum native mobile operating system in your pocket¹, the os comes … Read more