What to watch out for in terms of Tyrannical Government control?

As the World Economic Forum continues to pursue its DEI and ESG agenda on the worlds population it is important to understand the techniques used as defined by Orwell and how crypto, as a decentralized and cryptographic technology, can potentially offer countermeasures and alternatives to some of the concepts depicted in Orwell’s dystopian future.

What is slippage tolerance?

Slippage tolerance is a predefined limit set by the trader to manage the impact of slippage on their trading outcomes. It refers to the maximum acceptable deviation between the expected price and the executed price that a trader is willing to tolerate for their trades. It

What is the Howey test?

The Howey Test is a legal framework used in the United States to determine whether a transaction qualifies as an investment contract and thus falls under securities regulations. It derives its name from the 1946 U.S. Supreme Court case SEC v. W.J. Howey Co.

What is the EVM?

The EVM, or Ethereum Virtual Machine, is a crucial component of the Ethereum blockchain platform. It is a runtime environment that executes smart contracts and runs decentralized applications (DApps) on the Ethereum network. The EVM enables developers to write and deploy code in a programming language called Solidity, which is specifically designed for creating smart … Read more

Using Starlink + your local Telco + Raspberry Pi + Speedify to create a reliable internet connection

In the Pacific Islands the reliability of internet connectivity is an issue for some critical use cases (e.g. video conferencing, streaming etc.). Existing enterprise solutions are out of reach for most small and medium businesses. We provide an affordable solution to create a reliable and redundant internet connection service using Starlink (unmetered), Your local telco (metered), a Raspberry Pi and Speedify.

What is a crypto mixer?

A crypto mixer, also known as a cryptocurrency mixer or a tumbler, is a privacy-enhancing tool used to obscure the traceability of transactions made with cryptocurrencies. Its primary purpose is to improve the privacy and fungibility of digital assets.

What is the blockchain trilemma?

The blockchain trilemma is a concept that states that it is impossible for a blockchain to simultaneously achieve all three desirable properties: decentralization, security, and scalability³. It is a widely accepted theory that decentralized networks can only provide two of three benefits at any given time¹. The blockchain trilemma is why there are so many … Read more

What is Fusion Swap on 1inch?

Fusion Swap

Fusion Swap is a new feature introduced by 1inch, a popular decentralized exchange (DEX) platform, that improves the way users trade cryptocurrencies. It offers a more competitive trading experience, removes the need for native tokens to pay for gas fees, and protects users from front-running attacks (MEV).