Digital transformation in Pacific Governments

Many government agencies departments in the Pacific still paper based processes despite decades of advancements in information technology. These processes are based on ink and paper based technology and are used to manage large swaths of public sector systems. This leads to manual work that is inefficient, ineffective, and susceptible to corruption. It ensures that Pacific economies will continue to fall behind other countries in an increasingly competitive globalized environment 🌎. Addressing these issues and pain points will require resources to be invested (i.e. time, money, capacity, technology, and social networks).

How to spot pump and dump schemes in crypto?

Pump-and-dump in crypto is an orchestrated fraud that involves misleading investors into purchasing artificially inflated tokens — typically marketed and hyped by paying celebrities and social media influencers. You’ll typically find these popping up on your news feeds and YouTube feeds. Here are some tell tale signs on how to spot these pump and dump schemes.

The Rise and Fall of Innovation Labs in the Aid Sector

Innovation labs are meant to be a place where forward-thinking ideas can be tested, discovered, and implemented, but in many cases, they’ve become too bogged down in bureaucracy and paperwork. The labs are unable to truly explore the potential of their ideas, or develop them into something meaningful and lasting.

Why multi-disciplinary teams are critical to building government digital services?

Government digital services play an important role in connecting citizens with the services they need, and with the advancement of technology, the demand for such services is continuously growing. As such, it is essential for these services to be designed and built with the right team in place to ensure the quality of the product. … Read more

What is Pair Trading in crypto?

Cryptocurrencies can act in a way where they are mutually dependent. Traders can profit from this relationship when one cryptocurrency has an extreme change in value to another related currency. This is called Pair Trading and it is a trading strategy that matches a long position in one crypto with an offsetting position in another crypto that is statistically related.