PermitHub: Our Electronic Permit and Licensing Management System

Having an Electronic Permit and Licensing Management System (EPLMS) is critical for governments because it enables streamlined and efficient management of permits and licenses, which are essential to ensuring public safety, protecting the environment, and promoting economic development.

An EPLMS provides a comprehensive, centralized platform for managing the entire permit and licensing process, from application and review to approval and issuance. By digitizing this process, governments can reduce paperwork, eliminate manual processes, and improve accuracy and consistency in decision-making.

An EPLMS also helps to ensure compliance with regulations and laws by providing real-time tracking and monitoring of permits and licenses. This enables governments to identify potential violations and take corrective action before they escalate into larger problems.

Furthermore, an EPLMS can improve transparency and accountability by providing citizens and businesses with easy access to information about permits and licenses. This can help to build trust and confidence in government processes, and promote economic growth by making it easier for businesses to navigate the permitting and licensing process.

In addition, an EPLMS can provide valuable data and insights into the permit and licensing process, enabling governments to identify trends, optimize workflows, and make data-driven decisions.

Overall, an Electronic Permit and Licensing Management System is an essential tool for any government seeking to manage permits and licenses efficiently and effectively. It streamlines processes, ensures compliance, improves transparency and accountability, and provides valuable data and insights for ongoing improvement.

At Govcrate we created an online permit management system that helps governments to implement permit management systems. See below for a look at the systems key features.

E-Submissions: Apply Online

Streamline the process to allow citizens and businesses to apply online

E-Catalog: Electronically Store and Manage Applications

Manage the authorisation of assets and entities via our online data management platform

E-Approvals: Approve Electronically

Design and Manage authorisation processes and tasks electronically. Invite colleagues into a single unified view of the process and the tasks that are currently active.

E-Permit: Issue Permits and Licenses

Issue electronic permits with QRCodes that can be scanned electronically via an inspectors mobile phone camera to verify whether an Asset or Entity is complying with the rules laid out in the E-Permit.

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