Authority Information Management System

Manage the authorisation of assets and entities via our online data management platform


Issue electronic permits with QRCodes that can be scanned electronically via an inspectors mobile phone camera to verify whether an Asset or Entity is complying with the rules laid out in the E-Permit.

Workflow Management

Design and Manage authorisation processes and tasks electronically. Invite colleagues into a single unfied view of the process and the tasks that are currently active.

Business Logic

Create business logic within forms, business process and data routing to automate the way the system behaves according to certain rules and conditions.

Get It Done With Us

Authorise Assets and Entities using our Electronic Authority Information Management System and issue unique identifiers so you can track them to ensure they are compliant with regulations.

Authorisation Management

Authorise and manage data about various assets and assets. Issue electronic certificates, permits, licenses, agreements and unique identifiers to these electronic documents so that they can be verified, identified certified and tracked.

Permision Management

Set permissions and rules about what certain assets and legal entities can and can’t do. Electronically check during inspections whether these assets or entities are complying.

Data & Records Management

Upload all the original paper documents onto our platform and populate the database with the relevant data to simplify the management of your records.