What is MEV in Crypto?

MEV stands for “Miner Extractable Value” or “Maximal Extractable Value”. It refers to the process of extracting value from Ethereum users by reordering, inserting, and censoring transactions within blocks. To date more than USD 606 Million in value has been extracted from users by bots frontrunning transactions, exploiting the slippage users allow in a trade. The term “MEV” … Read more

How to identify issues using an Empathy Map?

To figure out how to improve a process, we must first understand what issues/problems/pain points each stakeholder that is involved in the process faces. To do this we will need to create a shared understanding of what the issues are for each stakeholder involved in the process. An Empathy Mapp helps us build this shared understanding.

What is the OODA Loop?


The OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) is a strategic framework for decision making. It was a concept developed by USAF Colonel John Boyd, and was first presented in his briefing “Destruction and Creation”. We use it in our consultancy practice to assess whether an organisation has in place the appropriate frameworks (how they think about things) and methods (how they do things) to guide their decision making. It is used as a decision making troubleshooting tool.

What is loan collateralization in crypto?

Loan collateralization occurs when crypto borrowers use their crypto tokens to secure a loan. This happens when a crypto investor deposits tokens from their wallet into a loan smart contract. In return the loan smart contract creates or “mints” a stablecoin typically. This stablecoin is the loan. The token that was deposited is the collateral.