Using Starlink + your local Telco + Raspberry Pi + Speedify to create a reliable internet connection

Problem: On switch over of Starlink satellites or during bad weather the Starlink connection tends to drop out. This is a problem for streaming or when doing virtual meetings. Traditional setups are costly and difficult for most small businesses to setup. Below is a solution for small businesses that require a reliable solution.

Starlink can be used in the Cook Islands via the Roaming plan

Solution: You can use Speedify and configure it to use Starlink as the Primary connection and your local Telco as the Backup connection backup connection. That way if the Starlink connection drops out during the satellite hand over Speedify uses it’s AI powered software to automatically switch over without any disruptions to your internet connectivity. Starlink is mostly an unmetered / unlimited plan but if your backup plan is metered then you can set the Speedify.

Install Speedify onto your Raspberry Pi and then configure it as a router

Here’s a quick Breakdown of the key features of Speedify:

  • Primary: Use this adapter all the time
  • Backup: Only use this adapter to keep you on the Internet if none of the Always or Secondary adapters are available.
  • Usage Limit: When enabled, you can set a data limit for each connection and specify whether or not you want to reset data usage each month. This option is perfect if you have a data limit.

How to configure everything:

In the tutorial below we will walk you through using starlink + telco plan + raspberry pi + speedify to build a reliable connection.

Then you can either:


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