Ethereum is releasing their own Mobile 📱 OS

Ethereum is releasing their own Mobile 📱 OS based on a fork of Lineage OS, an open source fork of Android. The operating system is called ethOS and is actually a crypto-native mobile operating system that integrates with the Ethereum blockchain³. As an open-source Ethereum native mobile operating system in your pocket¹, the os comes with a system wallet secure enclave, a mint app, a light node indicator and easier chain switching³.

ethOS also comes with a system wallet that encrypts private keys in hardware with a Titan chip⁴. The Titan chip is a secure, low-power micro-controller created to ensure that systems always boot from the last known good state³.

With EthOS, you can browse the internet in a decentralized manner as it will directly connect you with dApps. The browsers will have IPFS support which will give you access to the .eth domain support and hence, you can have .eth websites that have good content.

EthOS will also have a dApp store like the Apple store and it will be managed completely by the Ethereum community. All the dApps on the dApp store would be regulated using smart contracts.

The objective of EthOS is to increase the potential of a smartphone as it would be able to incorporate more and more blockchain or Web3 features easily.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 4/14/2023
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Source: Conversation with Bing, 4/14/2023
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