What kind of corruption is it when a government official ask you to pay a bribe so they can process your document?

It’s called extortion. Extortion is a form of corruption in which someone, usually a government official, uses their authority to try to illegally compel another person to give them money, property, or other favors in exchange for a benefit.

What are some of the out of the box ways of eliminating extortion?

  1. Increase government transparency: Increased government transparency can help decrease corruption and extortion by exposing potential misconduct and providing better oversight. For example, governments can institute an Open Data Policy.
  2. Increase public and employee awareness: Educating citizens and government employees about the risks associated with bribery and extortion.
  3. Accountability mechanisms: Establishing mechanisms that promote accountability and review of government officials and contractors can help identify and address fraudulent activities.
  4. Strengthen penalties for bribery and extortion: Imposing harsher punishments for bribery and extortion can help to further discourage such practices.
  5. Implement policies that support integrity: Establishing policies and procedures that promote ethical practices, such as whistleblower protection, can help reduce potential misconduct.

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