What is a workshop session plan and why are they so important?

A workshop session plan is a detailed plan that outlines the goals, objectives, activities, materials, and resources needed for a specific workshop or training session. It includes a step-by-step guide for facilitators to follow during the workshop, ensuring that the session runs smoothly and participants achieve the desired outcomes. A well-crafted workshop session plan helps to keep everyone on track, engaged, and focused on the goals of the session. It can also serve as a reference for future workshops and training sessions.

Workshop session plans are important for several reasons:

  1. Provides clear direction: A well-planned workshop session helps participants and facilitators to stay focused on the goals and objectives of the session.
  2. Maximizes time: A workshop session plan provides a clear timeline and ensures that activities run smoothly, maximizing the time available for learning.
  3. Increases engagement: A structured and well-planned workshop session can help increase participants’ engagement and participation, making the session more effective.
  4. Facilitates evaluation: A workshop session plan provides a clear structure for evaluation, allowing facilitators to collect data and feedback to improve future sessions.

A well-crafted workshop session plan helps to set the stage for a successful facilitation workshop that meets the needs of participants and helps them to develop new skills and knowledge. Over the years at GovCrate we’ve developed several workshop session plans to help guide our digital transformation workshops through various visual thinking exercises. These exercises help:

  1. Create a shared language between people from different disciplines who are co-designing digital services
  2. Focus the workshop around users needs
  3. Prioritise what the most important user needs are
  4. and Bridge the gap between top down design and on the ground realities.

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