What is Government as a Service (GaaS)?

Government as a Service (GaaS) is a term used to describe the shift from traditional, siloed, paper-based government systems towards a digital, centralized model of service delivery. It is an approach to government operations which emphasizes efficient, digital-first services and emphasizes the user experience. GaaS advocates for digital transformation in government operations, increased citizen engagement, partnership with industry and other stakeholders, data-driven decision-making, and leverages current best practices in technology and service delivery.

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Since the dawn of the digital age, governments around the world have been embracing technology to provide citizens with better services and to make administrative processes more streamlined. Now, governments are taking the next step to ensure the highest quality of service: Government as a Service (GaaS).

GaaS is an open cloud platform that delivers public services online, via mobile, and on-site. The platform provides governments with an end-to-end service delivery system. Using GaaS, citizens can access government services quicker and with greater confidence that their data is secure.

The platform enables citizens to interact with governments securely, from any device. Governments can provide information and services tailored to each citizen, making it easier for them to access and use them. And with integrated user-friendly tools and analytics, governments can track citizen usage, use that data to make better-informed policy decisions and dramatically improve their service delivery.

GaaS integrates data and services scattered across agencies, accelerates the delivery of public services, and improves the transparency of government operations. It makes government processes more efficient, enabling governments to make better-informed decisions that benefit the citizens.

Overall, GaaS is good news for citizens and governments alike. Citizens get faster access to the services they need and governments can keep up with the societal changes and deliver services more efficiently and cost-effectively. And with greater transparency and accountability from GaaS, governments can better serve their citizens in an efficient, effective and secure way.

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