Dr. Jonah Tisam Thesis section on e-Government

The thesis “Embracing Managerialism in a Small Pacific Island State: A Study of Governance and New Public Management Outcomes in the Cook Islands From 2006-2012” was written by one of our co-founders, Dr. Jonah Tisam. It mentions e-Government with the following key points made being:

  1. The growth of the e-Government sector is driven by advances in information communication technology.
  2. E-Government offers opportunities for governments to improve public services and access to information, as well as increasing levels of interaction between citizens and governments.
  3. There are a number of challenges associated with e-Government initiatives such as complexity, technology difficulty, and security concerns.
  4. E-Government initiatives require strategic and policy support from governments, with effective leadership and clear objectives.
  5. Successful e-Governance initiatives should pay attention to stakeholder concerns, take into account cultural factors, and ensure transparency and public accessibility.
  6. Further research is needed to explore the impact of e-Government initiatives on economic, social and political change.

The thesis also highlighted the importance of capacity building in order to achieve successful e-Government initiatives. It emphasized the need for adequate funding, skills training and the development of specialized expertise in order to be able to deliver effective and innovative e-Government services. It also emphasized the need for governments to invest in building the capacity of civil servants, parliamentarians and citizens in order to adequately meet the challenges of a rapidly changing e-Government environment.

Dr. Jonah Tisam (right) with his sister in law at AUT his graduation ceremony for his doctoral thesis

The thesis was submitted to Auckland University of Technology in 2015 and is available for download there. If there are any questions about the thesis please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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