What is a software factory?

The software factory approach can be applied to delivering Government as a Service (GaaS) web applications by streamlining the development process, automating manual processes and reducing the need for manual coding. Automated development tools and integrated development environments (IDE) can be used to create high-quality web applications that are cost-effective, reliable and securely protected from external threats. The software factory approach can also be used to ensure standardization of code and ensure development teams adhere to best practices. Automated tests and continuous integration can also be used to speed up the deployment process and reduce time-to-market.

A software factory is a development process model or framework that employs automated tools to assist software development teams in creating software applications. It uses a combination of high-level automation, process automation and integrated development environment (IDE) support to automate routine software development tasks, such as configuration management and change management. The goal of a software factory is to reduce development costs, increase the speed of software production and improve the reliability of the resulting applications.

At Govcrate we are combining agile development with the software factory approach using high-level automation, process automation and a low code development environment to accelerate routine software development tasks and reduce development costs. This speeds up the production of software and improves the security, stability and reliability of the resulting applications. With this web applications can be built to provide digital government services quickly, cost-effectively and securely.

It also provides our development team with the ability to create tailored and innovative applications in a fraction of the time with less manual labor, bringing them to the market quickly and providing users with the best experience possible.

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