Digital transformation in Pacific Governments

Many government agencies departments in the Pacific still paper based processes despite decades of advancements in information technology. These processes are based on ink and paper based technology and are used to manage large swaths of public sector systems. This leads to manual work that is inefficient, ineffective, and susceptible to corruption. It ensures that Pacific economies will continue to fall behind other countries in an increasingly competitive globalized environment šŸŒŽ. Addressing these issues and pain points will require resources to be invested (i.e. time, money, capacity, technology, and social networks).

To assist in this endeavor we have developed the GovCrate platform. It is a turnkey e-Government platform that allows government departments, agencies and employees to work with our team to transform their internal business processes from being paper based to being paper less.

We use a set of frameworks, methods, and approaches that have been battle tested in the Pacific context. This ensures that digital transformation initiatives are quicker, faster, and cheaper than traditional approaches and solutions and help’s governments derisk their projects.

Complementing this platform is our teams package. This package supplies governments with a multi disciplinary team made up of legal experts, policy experts, operational experts, and technology experts. This provides governments with the expertise required to analyse, assess, plan, prototype, design, implement, measure, and monitor the digital services that are created for governments.

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