Why multi-disciplinary teams are critical to building government digital services?

Government digital services play an important role in connecting citizens with the services they need, and with the advancement of technology, the demand for such services is continuously growing. As such, it is essential for these services to be designed and built with the right team in place to ensure the quality of the product.

Screenshot from Govcrate of an e-Certificate that is awaiting approval.

One of the most effective ways of ensuring quality when designing digital services for governments is to ensure you build a multidisciplinary team that works well together. This means assembling a team that contains a variety of specialties, such as end users, legal & policy analysts, software engineers, graphic designers, and user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) specialists. Each specialty brings something substantially different to the table, providing the team with an array of skills and perspectives to draw upon. Then putting in place a set of group work methodologies that ensure that the team works well together.

Having such a team in place ensures that the digital services meet all of the necessary criteria, such as security and privacy, performance, scalability, and usability. Additionally, different perspectives can bring fresh solutions to the table, enabling the development process to be more efficient and productive.

Collectively, the technical and design aspects of the product are often overlooked, but the integration of both is essential for the successful functioning of any digital service. Its complex mix of programming and design elements must be well-crafted and harmonically balanced for it to be effective. As such, having a multidisciplinary team to design and build such services is essential to ensure their proper functioning and effectiveness.

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