Why mental models are important?

Mental models are frameworks to help people make sense of things. They simplify complex situations so you can reason about them easily. Managers and executives need mental models that help make sense of what is going on. Leaders need to understand why they have the convictions they do and why they act or react a certain way in certain scenarios.

Mental models also help to explain why we think the way we do and how our beliefs influence our decisions. Mental models provide a framework for understanding the world and evaluating data, allowing leaders to make better decisions. In addition, mental models can also be used to identify potential areas of improvement and innovation.

There are 3 types of mental models:

  1. Sense Making: These mental models help you make sense of what is going on in a given situation
  2. Decision Making: The mental models help you decide what actions to take based on a given situation
  3. Evaluation: These mental models help you evaluate the actions you’ve taken

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